iceland now open for International Filmmakers

May 15, 2020

With special permits, international filmmakers and crews are now exempt from the 14 day quarantine

As of today, Friday 15. May, international filmmakers, actors and associated crews can apply for an exemption to the 14 day quarantine rule which has been in place for the last few weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This means that, if granted, the crew can set straight off to location to commence production.

The COVID-19 epidemic has been contained in Iceland.

According to the Chief Epidemiologist of Iceland, the COVID-19 epidemic has been contained in Iceland and there have been no new cases for many days in a row now, with only 3 recorded infections in May so far. None the less the Chief Epidemiologist of Iceland has set clear guidelines for filmmakers to follow.

Unique Iceland

Iceland had unique production values before, with it’s various other-worldly locations and a 25% reimbursement for production costs. Needless to say, being one of very few countries in the world that is currently open to international film crews, Iceland is now, more than ever, the perfect location to produce something unique.

The Chief Epidemiologist of Iceland’s guidelines and rules for filmmakers can be found here:

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